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They will *** over. I tried ordering twice.

The first time I ordered I had a coupon code that turned my 36$ order into a 6$ order. I thought that was pretty cool for an introductory offer...until I discover that without notifying me in any way they had cancelled my order "because the charge could not go through on my card." I never would have known had I not asked why I had not received my order.

Naturally I check said card, which I knew was no where near maxed and low and behold, there is the charge that says NJOY for 6$. So I send them a screen shot of it and ask them nicely to please send my order. Instead I get an email saying they cancelled the order so the money will be back in the account.

Ok...1 screw up, it looked like an interesting product so I decide to give it another shot. I use the same code as the first one but my order is different. Their website accepts and employs the code giving me a completely free order. I was surprised, and a bit nonplussed when I got two receipts for the order. The first said the order could not be completed because they need to verify my age. The second came right behind it and thanked me for my order and said it was completed.

Knowing how bad they are at contacting their customers, I decide to call them today to make sure the order was going to go through and if needed verify my age. The way I see it, yes it was probably a mistake on their part...again. The website screwed up and promised me my order for free. But regardless of yet another error and how unintentional it was, they did promise in writing via their check out page and emailed receipts that I would be getting the order I placed, and for free.

So of course, not only did I get charged for the first order which I never got, and not only did they never once contact me to let me know there was an issue. (Which made no sense, as said card was in fact charged.) but when I try to give them one more shot, their site promises my order will be free, and they of course do not honor it, even though I have it in writing. Then they actually cracked me up by trying to convince me to pay for the order that their website said would be free at full price, even though this is now two orders they screwed up.

NJOY has to have the worst customer service and the most malfunctioning website I have ever seen. Entirely unprofessional. My advice? STAY FAR AWAY.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Customer service, Flawed website.

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